Michael York

         Chief Learning Officer

 In 2009 Michael York was named “International Business Coach of the Year,

  He is the Author of Becoming Uncommon and The 10 Commitments

An international marketing consultant, coach, copywriter and columnist for dozens of print/online publications as well as an accomplished platform speaker to over 1000 audiences, he is the Founder and President/CEO of Michael York Mastermind Consulting based in Charlotte, North Carolina, providing speaking, coaching, consulting, and marketing services.

He has also served as “Chief Learning Officer” for a number of companies and organizations over the years focusing on the DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN POTENTIAL.

His instruction, ideas and inspiration continues to impact thousands of individuals each year through his books, columns, videos, coaching and speaking on PERSONAL as well as PROFESSIONAL Development. Landing in the Marketplace in 1978, Michael now has over 40 years of selling, marketing, and management experience.



" MICHAEL YORK---What an amazing weekend!  

You not only connected with our people but you hit the emotional chord

exactly the way Jim Rohn did!  I've had lots of people try before, and no one

has ever connected with our group like that…until now.

You’re truly a gem and you are a legend...

I'm so glad for the day that we connected and I'm excited for the future…

AND we want to place an order for books...

So we'll get everything all caught up and moving forward.  

This team loved you!  

Thanks So Much, "

AVP,  THE LDW Leadership Weekend

Scottsdale, AZ


Michael, I continue to be inspired by your books and monthly phone calls. We started a new marketing program last Saturday. Our goal was not just to sell more cars but to increase gross profit. I had hope that we would see an increase of 3 or 4 hundred per car. I was shocked by the customer response, I could not have dreamedthat the response would have been so strong. In the last 5 days I have seen my average profit go up over $1,000 per copy...

- Steve Smith, GM Dan Perkins Subaru

Thank you Michael for being one of my mentors during my journey of 'becoming' National Quality Dealer of the year! You are an inspiration and a blessing. I'm Happy you were in Las Vegas to share in my celebration. Never forget that you are appreciated.

- Tracy Myers, Frank Myers Auto Sales


“Michael, you are terrific as a speaker, an inspirational entity,

and an overall great man…I appreciate what you have done for us…”

 — Sanalli Phelps, Director of Diversity Programs, Charlotte COC


Michael The Author

Michael York wrote the book on BECOMING UNCOMMON (2003)…          He is also the author of The 10 Commitments (2005) and has written and published over a dozen E Books including THE TRUTH ON TIME, LEADERSHIP NOW, The SELLING Idea and Winning in The NOW Economy.

Michael The Speaker

  Beginning in 2001…

Michael has now spoken to over 1000 LIVE AUDIENCES on LEADERSHIP, Personal and Professional Development and SELLING and MARKETING in the NOW ECONOMY.  Creating and Delivering what he calls “DELIVERING CRITICAL MESSAGES” for clients, organizations and events regionally, nationally and internationally.

“Michael York is one of the BEST SPEAKERS IN THE COUNTRY…PERIOD!” –Carroll Gray President, Charlotte Chamber

Michael on COACHING

Named The International Business Coach of the Year... 

 In 2009, A worldwide coaching group named him Coach of the Year for his work with business owners and entrepreneurs. He leads national coaching and mastermind member groups and been retained by selling/marketing organizations, associations and businesses for his ability to improve human performance.

Michael York has been called "INSPIRATIONAL...DYNAMIC...and ENGAGING!"

     A VERSATILE and MASTER COMMUNICATOR in so many ways-- from PLATFORM SPEAKING to leading COACHING and MASTERMIND sessions (live/online/phone) to a contributing columnist/published author/content creator—Michael is retained by organizations large and small to DELIVER CRITICAL MESSAGES as he works toward his goal of ALWAYSImproving the CONDITION of the CLIENT!”


While cliches' on LEADERS and LEADERSHIP abound in today's marketplace, and GOOGLE searches will produce literally a MILLION PAGES on the subject, TRUE LEADERSHIP has never been more needed than it is today. Michael works with existing and aspiring leaders to improve their leadership skills/abilities and assist in building REMARKABLE CULTURES via workshops and multi-day events.  


Michael is the author and creator of THE SELLING IDEA @ helping a number of selling organizations in a variety of industries with RADICAL IMPROVEMENT. Based on AWARENESS BEFORE IMPROVEMENT and a NEW WAY of Thinking about GOALS & Targets, the message of THE IDEA is "Whenever there exists MANY WAYS to do a THING- There must then also exist MANY WAYS to FAIL at that thing!"

Getting PERSONAL... with Michael's Year Of Growing Rich

A 52 week series with weekly lessons from Napoleon Hill right off the pages of his book by the same name. It's powerful personal growth ideas and instruction for you and your team with special commentary by Michael York.

"Michael, you have shown yourself to be an important component in the continuing reinvention of JanPak that began nearly two years ago..." 

-Tim Feheeley, President, JanPak

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Charlotte, NC 28277


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