Delivering Critical Messages  

   to over 1000 live audiences since 2000

“Thank you for all your hard work!  My management team and I are convinced we could not have achieved so much in such a short time without your commitment to the dynamic improvement of our organization…” 


Michael York wrote the book on BECOMING UNCOMMON (2003).

He is also the author of The 10 Commitments (2005) along with over a dozen E books on Personal and Professional development, Improving Human Performance and coaching organizations on Winning in the NOW Economy.

An international marketing consultant, coach, copywriter and columnist for over 20 publications as well as an accomplished platform speaker addressing audiences from boardrooms to sports arenas. He is the founder and President/CEO of Michael York Mastermind Consulting based in Charlotte, NC providing speaking, consulting, and marketing services. Michael has over 35 years of selling, marketing, and management experience (1978). 

Michael is a past member of National Speakers Association and International Speakers Network as well as a Certified Business Coach.

He is a huge proponent of the development of human potential, promoting leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors worldwide.

As a platform speaker he has spoken to hundreds of live audiences and from 2004-2008 was ONE OF ONLY TWO “BUSINESS/RESULTS” (non-sports/celebrity) experts to speak on the BREAKFAST/BUSINESS CLUBS OF AMERICA circuit all across the country from San Diego/Orange County to Philadelphia to Orlando. Over a period of several years he was hailed over and over again by member owners/principles as “an engaging and dynamic speaker who consistently brings NEW IDEAS from all areas of the marketplace to our members…” 

He has been the marketing mastermind behind regional, national and international product launches and training programs and his credentials in the online marketing arena include Creator/Host of Driving Business, online TV network programs through the National Independent Auto Dealers Association, launching a national association client’s ONLINE TV NETWORK in 2003, as well as annual master of ceremonies and TV host of the National Quality Dealer of the Year Awards in Las Vegas since 2004. 

He is a contributing writer to a number of publications both on and offline, and his columns appear regularly in Network Marketing Magazine (since 2007).

MICHAEL YORK and “The Captains of Enterprise!”

Named the 2009 International Business Coach of the Year, Michael has been a driving force for change across many industries- including the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, over the past 2 decades in his role as Author, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant, first addressing dealers nationally in the summer of 2000 for the NIADA national convention in Las Vegas. In 2003 he was retained to help launch NIADA.TV across the country as a featured contributor on SELLING and MARKETING as well as PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL GROWTH in individuals and organizations, eventually leading to the Michael York’s WINNERS CIRCLE national coaching program for dealers. Michael has spoken to over 1000 live audiences and been retained by many selling organizations and associations to provide ideas, instruction and inspiration to help accelerate and advance their training and results.

Nationally KNOWN TV HOST…

Since 2004 Michael has been the Host and Master of Ceremonies for the NATIONAL QUALITY DEALER AWARDS live broadcast. That role means that he has interviewed and interacted with HUNDREDS of top Independent Auto Dealers all across the country. The 2019 awards was again in Las Vegas at The Venetian this past June where Michael once again hosted the live event. View Michael onstage at the recent BIG SHOW LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS at NIADA’s NQD awards show at NIADA.TV at-

Training Independent Dealers Since 2002…

In the fall of 2002 Michael York and The Carolinas Independent Auto Dealers Association joined forces to launch the very first mandatory dealer education with Continuing Education Television online, or CETV. Over two decades now Michael continues working with the association, its’ leaders and members. to create new and innovative ways to help business owners and entrepreneurs to stay on top of what’s happening across the marketplace. Bringing new ideas and making it easier for these individuals to improve and grow their business.

“The events were tremendous! And YOU were amazing…
You really treated my guests as special, bringing great value to my organization.
Your talk was timely, entertaining and filled with powerful leadership and marketing messages. I cannot tell you the impact you have had on me and also on my members (who are still talking about you). You have brought immeasurable value as a consultant, a speaker and dare I say, a friend. I look forward to booking you again in my market, as I can be confident you will be a tremendous hit! “
-Nicole Jones, BCA Tampa Bay

“When Colonial first began utilizing your services, we were both aware of the challenges of driving significant change within a sales organization stretching from Knoxville, Tennessee to Wilmington, North Carolina; encompassing 10 sales teams, 30 managers, and more than 200 sales agents…When I think back to our initial meeting and my decision to engage your services, I believed that I was getting primarily a speaker who could help motivate/inspire our sales team. That has certainly been the case, and to great effect. Your workshops and keynotes at our regional and national meetings have created quite a buzz. However, the bonus for me has been the strategic consultation you have provided and a perspective on my business that is radical– but realistic…” 
-Lou Ascanio, SE Managing General Agent, Colonial Insurance

You CAN’T CHANGE PEOPLE. But if you can CHANGE Their Minds, CHANGE THE WAY THEY THINK– Then They will go to work on CHANGING THEMSELVES!”
– Michael York, Becoming Uncommon


While cliches' and myths on LEADERS and LEADERSHIP abound today, and any GOOGLE search will produce practically a MILLION PAGES on the subject; TRUE LEADERSHIP has never been more needed than it is today. Michael works with existing and aspiring leaders to improve their leadership skills/abilities and assist in building REMARKABLE CULTURES via workshops and multi-day events.  




Michael is the author and creator of THE SELLING IDEA* helping a number of selling organizations in a variety of industries with RADICAL IMPROVEMENT. Based on Michael's coaching philosophy of AWARENESS BEFORE IMPROVEMENT and a NEW WAY of Thinking about GOALS & Targets, the message of THE IDEA is "Whenever there exists MANY WAYS to do a THING- There must then also exist MANY WAYS to FAIL at that thing!"

Getting PERSONAL... with YOUR "Year of Growing Rich!"

Created for his coaching members and clients, this is a Year-long series with 52 weekly lessons from Napoleon Hill right from the pages of his book by the same name. Timeless lessons, inspiration and instruction that has sold millions of books over the years, this is powerful personal growth ideas and instruction for you and your team with special insight and commentary added to each lesson from Michael York.

“You truly have a gift- it is beyond talent…to stir within individuals the desire to strive, to create, and to be better at what they do… Your powerful words, dynamic presentation, and entertaining stories keep people engaged and leave them inspired!

- Mary B. Young, Regional Director SUNRISE SL