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    “MR. Mastermind”

What They’re Saying About Michael York…

“Such significant improvement in our key operational results was, in my opinion, directly related to your work with my organization.  Those results were only made possible by your intervention into our organization and our culture…

And you deserve much of the credit for that turnaround!

Where do I start?  Because your efforts included a multitude of actions that affected critical areas of my business.  These efforts included the attraction and development of “Top Talent,” Management training & development, the introduction of a new way of thinking and the creation of a new “Opener” culture.  And of course, your unique approach to training (learning) that you appropriately named Cool $chool. 

Each of these initiatives significantly enhanced our ability to compete in a very challenging and competitive market and produced these dramatic results in spite of a soft economic environment.  Taken together, they radically changed our approach to our business and set the stage for tremendous accomplishments…”

  Lou Ascanio, MGA, Colonial Insurance

Michael’s book (The 10 Commitments) is a VALUABLE primer on the POWER of COMMITMENT…

I was INSPIRED and MOTIVATED by every page.”

   – Jack Canfield
Co-Author “Chicken Soup for The Soul” and “The Success Principles”

Michael York has been called "INSPIRATIONAL...DYNAMIC...and ENGAGING!"

     A VERSATILE and MASTER COMMUNICATOR in so many ways-- from PLATFORM SPEAKING to leading COACHING and MASTERMIND sessions (live/online/phone) to a contributing columnist/published author/content creator—Michael is retained by organizations large and small to DELIVER CRITICAL MESSAGES as he works toward his goal of ALWAYSImproving the CONDITION of the CLIENT!”

"...Michael York spoke at our June conference in Charlotte... I've worked with Michael now over the last 6 months and his perspective on leadership is unique. His presentation, message and style is something that I find sorely needed by most executives in our industry. I would highly recommend him as an original thinker, results-based consultant, and a master presenter." 
- Peter Mojica, Executive Director NC Chapter, Society of Information Management (SIM)


Michael York has a refreshing style of speaking…an excellent sense of humor
mixed with an outstanding teaching style…and a real management sense which allows him to focus on real needs for organizations.”

–Douglas Hatch, COO, Summit Group


While cliches' and myths on LEADERS and LEADERSHIP abound today, and any GOOGLE search will produce practically a MILLION PAGES on the subject; TRUE LEADERSHIP has never been more needed than it is today. Michael works with existing and aspiring leaders to improve their leadership skills/abilities and assist in building REMARKABLE CULTURES via workshops and multi-day events.  




Michael is the author and creator of THE SELLING IDEA* helping a number of selling organizations in a variety of industries with RADICAL IMPROVEMENT. Based on Michael's coaching philosophy of AWARENESS BEFORE IMPROVEMENT and a NEW WAY of Thinking about GOALS & Targets, the message of THE IDEA is "Whenever there exists MANY WAYS to do a THING- There must then also exist MANY WAYS to FAIL at that thing!"

Getting PERSONAL... with YOUR "Year of Growing Rich!"

Created for his coaching members and clients, this is a Year-long series with 52 weekly lessons from Napoleon Hill right from the pages of his book by the same name. Timeless lessons, inspiration and instruction that has sold millions of books over the years, this is powerful personal growth ideas and instruction for you and your team with special insight and commentary added to each lesson from Michael York.

“You truly have a gift- it is beyond talent…to stir within individuals the desire to strive, to create, and to be better at what they do… Your powerful words, dynamic presentation, and entertaining stories keep people engaged and leave them inspired!

- Mary B. Young, Regional Director SUNRISE SL